Strategies with Crowned Checkers

One of the goals in checkers is to have checker pieces reach the last row located inside the enemy's territory. The idea is to advance all our pieces to that direction in hopes that we can manage one or two of them to reach their destination. On reaching it, they are crowned and given special powers to help eliminate more enemy pieces.

Here are some checker strategies with crowned pieces.

Checker strategies can cover diagonal long distances, reaching one side of the checkers board to the other in a single move. Thus, they are useful in long-distance capture strategies.

For instance, when an enemy piece crosses a diagonal path covered by our crowned piece it may capture the intruder with a single bounce even if the enemy piece crosses the path at mid span or in the middle of the board.

The number of unoccupied squares before and after a piece to be captured is no issue for crowned pieces. They are exempted from the one free square before and after the piece to be captured ruling. However, enemy pieces in tandem along the diagonal line our crowned piece covers are safe from it.

Nonetheless, crowned pieces may capture two or more pieces during the same turn even when they are separated by great distances. This is as long as the pieces fall within the effective range of our crowned piece when it lands after a capture.

Checker strategies with two or more crowned pieces are diabolic. Ordinary pieces are practically sitting ducks just waiting to be captured by multiple crowned pieces. Two crowned pieces against the enemy's single crowned piece is a mere trap away from success.

Here's how it works. Just have the two powered pieces in tandem in a corner. When the enemy piece falls within their effective range just move our leading piece forward for a forced capture. After capturing our sacrificed crowned piece the enemy piece then falls victim to the other crowned piece. The enemy is again without a crowned piece.

Crowned pieces can easily foil the enemy's attempts at crowning enemy pieces. It's easy to capture several aspiring pieces with a single sweep of our crowned piece. The enemy's only chance against our crowned piece is a very highly skilled maneuver involving sacrificing many pieces so that at least one piece makes it to safety.

Checker strategies with crowned pieces are very effective weapons of mass destruction against enemy pieces. Thus, it is a strategy worth bothering with.