Decisive Capturing Rules in Checkers

Checkers is a capturing game. We aim to be first in capturing every enemy checker piece on the board. Of course, the opponent also has the same thing in mind. So, the idea is to outdo the opponent in this endeavor. To do this we have to follow checkers capturing rules.

All movements in checkers are strictly diagonal, except in some cases of capturing. The checkers board has 64 squares alternating in colors (white and black). Only diagonal black squares are to be used in moving the checkers or capturing the same.

No movement should end up on a white square or travel in any other direction (horizontal or vertical). A piece may choose to move forward left or right, as long as the diagonal squares are available to give way to such movement.

Most games of checkers allow pieces to move backwards when capturing. In some cases they are not. But in all games of checkers pieces are not allowed to move backwards in retreat. In each turn they should keep advancing even to the point when there's no other option except to go forward only to be captured by the enemy.

The following are strict checkers capturing rules we must especially take note of:

-Capturing is allowed only against enemy pieces. We are not allowed to capture our own checkers.

-Capturing is not allowed if there is still one or more free squares between the enemy piece and our piece. Capturing is allowed when an enemy piece advances towards our piece and there's no vacant square between them. It should be diagonally adjoining our piece. The space or square diagonally and directly behind the piece to be captured must also be unoccupied.

-When the capture movement is backward, the enemy piece should be adjoining our piece and the square directly and diagonally in front of it should be vacant. Our piece should land on this square.

-We are allowed to capture only if it's our turn to make a move. We cannot move towards an enemy piece and then capture it at the same time. If we move within capturing distance to an enemy piece, the enemy would capture us.

-Every capturing possibility should be made. We cannot opt to ignore a capture once the situation is presented to us and it's our turn to move.

Checkers capturing rules are essential things to observe to make our play in order. And the more we know about them the better we can win.