Checker Odds in an Exchange of Captures

Getting to the part when casualties result from a series of capturing exchanges between us and the enemy is inevitable in checkers. If we're not careful we may end up always losing in this round. We should know what our checkers winning odds in this.

A good tactic in these exchanges is reading the checkers enemy while calculating our winning odds in them. When a carnage is about to start we should weigh the situation fast to know how to go about the inevitable situation. First, we weigh the skill level of the enemy. Then we try to calculate our odds.

Our odds in the momentary skirmish are the chances that we come out of the battle ahead of the enemy. A big factor in this is the enemy's checkers skill. The enemy's skill is gauged by feelers we have sent out early on. Feelers are pieces we advance for sacrifice to see how well the enemy plays. Good players are skillful with proper placing of pieces after sending them to perform tasks. They prefer and are very particular about safe positions to end their moves in. When a player is like this, we better avoid as many exchanges as possible.

But when a player is careless about placing pieces after an exchange we should engage in as many exchanges with this enemy as possible. Where to place a piece after a capturing task, or "placing," is crucial. For instance, if we 're faced with two options—one is capturing a piece but also being counter captured, and another is capturing a piece safely—obviously, we should opt for the second choice. In actual games this is easier said than done. Careless players often don't bother with these considerations and just capture for the sake of capturing and lose out in the end. We can safely have exchanges with them.

When we have an idea of the enemy's skill level, we can easily calculate our checkers winning odds. If the enemy has placing skill our chances are slim. But if the enemy doesn't we can go ahead comfortably. If say, we judge the situation with a clear foresight, we can easily see if we would end up with 3 or 4 captured enemy pieces while the enemy takes only 2 of our pieces.

Calculating our checkers winning odds is important and we can better do this if we read the skill level of the enemy. Then we'll know whether to commit to an exchange or slightly avoid it.