Learn Checkers the Best Way

Checkers is a strategy game that involves wit and skill. The wit we need to figure out odds and the skill we need to apply rules to our strategy. The game is very simple yet very exciting. It's perfect for both indoors and outdoors. And here's the best way to learn checkers.

First, we have to buy a checkers board. They come in different styles, but it's not very important what style they come in. Just buy one with complete checker pieces, which is 24 in all�12 white pieces and 12 black pieces. The board is exactly like a chess board. In fact, if we have a chess board and pieces we may use them for playing checkers and the excitement will still be the same.

Then, we read literature on how the board and the pieces are setup and how the game is played. This is not to say, however, that checkers is best learned through reading checkers literature. The literature will help us lots but it will not teach us how to effectively play it. Thus, after some readings, we should set out to actually play it. First, we try to play it alone. We setup the board and play both sides. Wining is not important here�either side wins, we also win. What's crucial here is to master the moves and procedures according to rules.

But playing checkers alone is not enough. It is just a part of preliminary learning. The final phase of learning is pitting ourselves with a real opponent. We may do this online, but it's better to do it with a relative or friend first, offline. There's nothing like meeting an opponent face to face to learn checkers.

Playing checkers to learn basic and advanced strategies is the best way to learn it. Some people want to know a lot about winning strategies because they're afraid to lose. But the truth is, it's better to lose a lot and learn more than to always win but never learn enough. When yet beginning, always winning in the game tends to develop a weak play in us. Often losing helps us understand the basics more deeply. Hence, another way to learn is to gradually play with more advanced players.

It is better to learn checkers by actually playing it and undergoing all the rudimentary strategies and difficulties. If we want to come out a checkers champion we should be ready to face punishments and hardships as a novice.